Basset Hound Puppies for Sale in KS

 BASSET BABIES ALL are AKC registered. All basset hound puppies for sale must be 8 weeks old before they can go to their new homes. Basset Hound is a loving and happy breed. They are rate number 2 as a scent/trail dog. The Big long floppy ears help stir the scent for them. They are a slow-moving dog but make a wonderful Family companion! They are great with Children!

#11 Basset Hound MALE

#11 MALE $850 Pet price He is a happy and friendly boy who is very social. Very loving! Parets: Max & Nora. Born 1/1/24 and ready for you 2/27/24 at the soonest. Shots/wormed/micro-chipped and Deposit is required on ALL pups ($300).

#10 Basset hound MALE

#10 MALE $850 pet price He is a clever and alert boy. Grandkid approved! Parents: Max & Nora. Born 1/1/24 and ready for you on 2/27/24 at the soonest. Shots/wormed/micro-chipped. Deposit is required ($300).


#8 FEMALE (Black & White) $850 pet price She is so sweet and very loving. She is a beauty! Born 1/1/24 and READY 2/27/24 at the soonest. Shots/wormed/microchipped and Sire: Max & DAM: Nora Deposit is required.


#7 MALE $850 pet price This is a handsome little man! Bright and very alert, Playful! Born1/1/24 and Ready 2/27/24. shots/wormed/micro-chip Parents: Sire: Max & DAM: Lucy DEPOSIT required ($300).


#6 FEMALE $700 pet price She is a sweet and friendly baby. She is very playful and social! Born 11/12/2023 She is Ready now to go to a new home. Parents: Sire MARBLE DAM: Snickers Shots/wormed/micro-chipped Deposit $300.

#5 Basset Hound Male

#5 MALE $850 pet price He is a delightful baby with a heart of gold. Super sweet! Born 1/7/23 and ready for you on 3/3/24 at the soonest. Sire: Otis and DAM: Lucy Shots/wormed/micro-chipped. Deposit $300.

#4 Basset Hound

#4 MALE $850 pet price He is a super loving boy! He is a clown. Born 1/7/24 Ready 3/3/24 Shots/wormed/micro-chipped Parents: Otis and Lucy. Deposit is required on all pups ($300).

#2 Basset Hound Male

#2 MALE $850 pet price He is clever and so loving. A cuddle bug! Born 1/7/24 and READY for you on 3/3/24. Sire: Otis Dam: Lucy Shots/wormed/micro-chipped DEPOSIT is required ($300).

#1 Basset Hound Male

#1 MALE $850 pet price Happy and bright and so loving! Born 1/7/24 and Ready for you 3/3/24. Parents: Sire: Otis & Dam: Lucy Shots/wormed/micro-chip and deposit is required ($300).

Basset hound

This is the Sire(Daddy) of the puppies and he is NOT for sale.