#7 BEAGLE Male

#7 MALE $600 pet price. He is a super clever and loving baby. This guy will delight you and is very active and smart. He is very alert and doesn’t miss anything. He is very social. READY on 2/14/20 Just in time for Valentines Day!  deposit required.


#6 MALE $600 pet price. Friendly and playful and a sweet baby. He is very loving and so handsome. He is Grandkid approved! READY on 2/14/20 Just in time for Valentines Day!

#5 BEAGLE male

#5 MALE $600 pet price. This guy is a clever and full of life! He is active and a normal nosey beagle baby. He is a true delight! He is waiting for you! READY on 2/14/20. Deposit required.

#4 Beagle MALE

#4 MALE $600 This guy has it all! Lots of Beagle personality! He is a clever and alert boy. He has a heart of gold and a tail that wags all the time so Happy! READY for you on 2/14/20. Valentine Day! Deposit required.


#3 FEMALE $600 pet price This little Valentine is such a loving baby! She is friendly and playful. She loves everything and is grandkid approved. READY for you on 2/14/20. Deposit required on all puppies.


#2 FEMALE $800 pet price. This girl is a rare Blue(grey), tan and white in color. She is very loving and so pretty. She is a little doll baby. She is a 13 inch beagle so just the right size when grown for a house dog or outdoor pup as well. She has a sweet… Read more »

#1 BEAGLE male

#1 MALE $600 pet price. This handsome guy is so loving and is very playful and so Friendly. He is a charming little fellow and a clown. He will male a wonderful companion. READY for you on 2/8/20

BOXER babies

RAE has a new litter of BOXER babies. This is her first litter of babies and she has 1 male and 4 females. These cuties will be ready for you on 2/29/20. $650 each pet price. More photos to come once they are a little older. They were BORN on 1/1/2020.


#1 FEMALE $600 pet price This little lady will melt your heart! She is a busy baby with a heart of gold. She is very alert and clever and full of life. She is a friendly and playful gal. She is sure to complete your family! READY for you on 2/18/20 Deposit required.


#5 MALE $800 pet price Handsome and such an eye catcher! This guy is sure to turn heads. He is very friendly and playful. He is ready and waiting for you! READY 2/22/20 Deposit required.