We are committed to providing outstanding care to all of our dogs. The health and wellness of our dogs is extremely important and we have worked with the same veterinarians for many years. They have great temperament and devotion which make our dogs/puppies a joy to be around. Our dogs have class and grace that make them wonderful companions and loving family members. Our dogs are provided with lots of tender loving care.

This is the Adult Male Rat Terrier. He is an AKC Champion show dog. He is the Sire of a lot of our Rat Terrier puppies. He has a wonderful personality and is super loving. He is a great dog. He weighs in around 12.5 pounds. He is very clever and alert!

This is one of the adult female Rat Terrier Moms. She is a clever and alert girl. She is very loving and is a True Rattie! She loves playing and hunt for mice and rats. She is a very friendly and sweet girl. She is around 12 pounds.

This pretty girl is also a Champion. She is one of the brightest ladies we have. She is a loving gal and a great little watch dog! She is very smart and learns fast. She is a great little Rattie! She is around 15 to 18 pounds. She likes to eat and so do I.